Pro Staff


Milton is a trophy fisherman from Texas.  Trophy alligator gar and catfish are his specialty.  Milton has been fishing for giants for 15 years.  He is the owner and operator of Xtreme Trophy Fishing.  He has been chartering for 5 years taking clients from all over the world in search of monsters!

Milton’s go to rig is a Carolina rig with with a Nocturnal Nation Lucky 13 or a Eclipse 10/0


Taylor loves chasing catfish! She has only been fishing a couple of years but has caught many many nice fish. She hopes to one day break some records! She likes fishing in the Missouri River prefers Rod & reel CPR! Taylor is also a brand ambassador for Nocturnal Nation Catfishing.

Taylor’s go to fishing tactic is a Carolina rig with a large barrel swivel, sometimes she adds a float peg. She uses 8,10, or 12 oz. no rolls. 50lb leader. Sometimes she will do a 3 way swivel with a 50lb leader on her hook and a 10lb breakaway leader with a bank sinker. And if you read above she uses Nocturnal Nation Hooks and loves them.

Kyle Kessinger

Kyle was born and raised in Central Kentucky where he still resides today. He is a heavy equipment operator by trade. However, when he’s not on a dozer he’s traveling the South East United States chasing trophy blue cats and honing his skills as a tournament angler. He has been on the podium many times in regional tournaments and plans to join the Cat Master tour soon.

Kyle is an advocate for the recovery community and believes the outdoors brings him closer to his Higher Power. He also uses this as a platform to reach out to others in need.

Kyle is a member of the ACA and always practices CPR fishing. As a tournament angler he fishes year round in all weather conditions, so his techniques are constantly changing and evolving.

Kyle’s go to fishing tactic is dragging cut bait with planner boards working channel edges. He uses Ande 40 pound mono with Ande premium leader line, multiple Nocturnal Nation hook sizes and a variety of weights depending on conditions and location.

Chad Abner

Chad grew up in Mt. Pulaski Illinois. He is a very passionate fisherman. Chad’s passion for catfishing started when he was a young man and has grown into a full blown obsession. He enjoys showing his kids, family and friends all the tips and tricks. Chad has been fishing for as long as he can remember. He feels he can always learn something new and catfishing is a ever evolving sport. Chad has won several tournaments in the Clinton Lake Catfish Tournament Series and him and his partner ever won the series championship in 2020

Chad’s go to technique is always changing he uses a little bit of everything and even puts his own twist on it. One this is for sure he always had Ande Monster Monofilament spooled up on his reels.

Jason Marquis

Jason has been fishing his whole life. He has always fished for all species but he has found a love for catfishing and has been addicted for years. Jason has won multiple tournaments over the past few years and along with fishing partner Chad Abner won the 2020 series points for the Clinton Lake Catfish Tournament Series.

Jason loves dragging and suspending big baits. He used Ande Monster Monofilament. His favorite rig is well all of them. He uses Carolina rigs, Santee Cooper rig, Double drops, Kentucky rigs, you name it he uses it.