Trophy catfish can be caught from the banks as well.

Seriously,  we have seen it.   New high dollar SeaArk, Trackers, and Storm Cat boats come with high dollar fuel and maintenance bills.  You don’t need all that headache to catch trophy catfish.  Bank fishing is a effective, easy, and relaxing experience.  Here are a few tips and tricks we have gathered from experience and our pro staff bank anglers to make your bank fishing adventure a little more enjoyable.




Pack light.  Pack items with multiple uses.  Less stuff lightens the load so you can focus on catching that trophy catfish.  Multi-tools are very handy.  This is one lightweight tool that can remove hooks, cut line, and even make small repairs to your gear.   Dress for the weather, in our experience rain gear is much warmer than you’d think, plus it will keep you dry not only from the weather from handling that monster catfish you are going for.


Catfish are constantly moving from shallow water to deeper water. And from our experience, really its just waiting out that big bite, if you’re patient and have the right bait, you’ll be surprised at the results that could happen.  Not all those tried and true spots are going produce the trophy fish you want, so switch it up, change the scenery.  Plus it helps get your mind right, because we know that chasing those trophy catfish can be very frustrating.  But the rewards can be enormous.


If you’re going after trophy blues, and flatheads, or up north channel cats 20+, whether the situation fresh bait is key.   We are a firm believer in castanets 5’ in diameter because they are light, easy to throw, and efficient.  The best baits for monster catfish are big chunks of gizzard shad, Asian Carp, and exclusively in the summer bluegill, but depending on where you are at bluegill can’t be kept in a cast-net so use a bait rod.


Timing plays a key factor.  There are specific times at specific locations when the bite is at its best.  Do your due diligence to get as much information as you can on the body of water you are planning to fish.

However just by picking the best time and location, big fish are not common.  This is things that make it so special to put a trophy cat in the net.  To catch the large fish consistently, you must be on the water as much as possible. The more time you put in the better chances you will have of landing a trophy fish.



Backpacks will make your life so easy.  Not only can you haul you tackle around you can bring food, water, and other gear for the trip.  Make sure the back pack is durable enough to handle the abuse of sinkers and terrain you are fishing.   You will be amazed how much you can fit into one, so try not to overload it.